Pinterest win

My husband’s brother and grandmother came over this week for a few hours, and it was awesome to have someone hold the bébé for awhile so I could get some important stuff done. Like make Oreo cheesecake cupcakes, a total Pinterest win!


Amazing recipe!

It was a super easy recipe, though in my oven they needed almost an hour to be done. I also didn’t make the ganache, because I didn’t have enough time, but they were still delicious without. So delicious, we ate them all before I got a good picture!

To make them, I finally got to use the KitchenAid mixer my husband surprised me with a few weeks ago. He knows how much I love to bake, and it’s pretty high on the list of things I miss doing right now. My brother-in-law said I should go for a walk while they looked after the bébé, but the weather was nasty, and baking is just as relaxing for me. Having people bring food and using up what I stocked the freezer with are both good things, but there’s nothing like whipping up a fresh batch of cookies or fixing (and eating!) a delicious dinner to chill out after a long day.

I have a feeling that what I really miss right now is control, and with cooking you control (almost) everything. So it’s no wonder just thirty minutes in the kitchen did just as much good as a walk or a bath. And there’s the extra joy of a Pinterest win. Chocolate + ego boost + a break for my arms from rocking the bébé = happy new momma.

One month!

Soooo that month went by really fast! When you have something to do pretty much every half hour, and nothing lasts more than an hour, the days just fly by.

I’ve seen on other blogs monthly “letters” to baby, which I like, because it’s a nice recap of everything, plus a blog is harder to lose than paper. It’s definitely more for me, to be able to see how he grows overall, since on a daily basis it’s so subtle, I don’t really notice as much. So here’s my first one (a few days late)!


Dear bébé,

One month already! You have grown a lot this month, almost 2 pounds heavier and over 1 inch longer than you were at birth. You still fit into your newborn-sized clothes, so we’ll have to wait a bit before using some of the adorable presents people have bought you.

You’re eating pretty well, and grabbing at momma’s hair or shirt when you do. We started swaddling you and putting you only in your crib to sleep a few days ago, and you seem to be totally cool with it . . . once you actually fall asleep that is! You like to be walked around to fall asleep, or danced with. Your taste in music is very diverse; your favorites include Ke$ha and Paul Simon. At night you tend to sleep around two and a half hours at a time, though sometimes it’s as much as four. Hopefully, as you get bigger, four hours will happen more often than two and a half, but since daddy is always willing to hold you, momma still manages to get a decent amount of sleep most nights.

Since it takes you so long to fall asleep, you haven’t had much time to play with your toys this week, but when you do, your eyes and head have started following them around. Your playmat has a little crinkly butterfly on the side that you seem to really like and you try to grab it sometimes. No smiles or noises yet, other than some grunts which are pretty funny. Your face gets all red sometimes when you cry and daddy calls you “Strawberry” when it happens.

No one can seem to decide who you look like. Mamie says you look like momma, and our friends say daddy . . . But momma thinks you just look like you. You still have lots of dark hair, just like when you were born, but it seems to be getting a little bit lighter, and a little thinner. Your eyes are still blue, and will probably stay that way, since both momma and daddy have blue eyes.

You’ve taken a few car rides to visit Mamie and to go to the doctor’s office, and we walk along the river at least once a week, sometimes in your stroller, but usually in the baby carrier or scarf. We’ve been to visit friends and stayed two whole hours, which is definitely a big change from the late nights we used to have! You’re the first baby in our group of friends, so parties will be a little more fun when you have some little playmates.

Momma and daddy speak English to you as much as possible when it’s just us three, and all the songs we sing or play for you are in English. Weekly Skype dates with Grandma and Grandpa mean you get to hear even more English, though you’re usually asleep by the time they call!

It’s not always easy for momma, but with daddy’s help, we’re settling into this new and crazy life more and more everyday.

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma