Fair-weather blogging

It always seems easier to find things to write about when life is hard. The need to vent and the need for sympathy make blogging during hard times easy. But fair-weather blogging is harder. Especially when the weather actually is very fair and Sunday afternoons are spent in the park rather than inside in front of the computer.

Bébé has been sleeping much better, between 10 and 11 hours straight every night the past few weeks. The first few nights he did it, I woke automatically at 2am like usual. And then my allergies were horrible and I was up most nights sneezing and coughing. But I can already feel the difference this weekend, having nearly a full week of almost 7 solid hours. I am crossing my fingers that this is his new pattern and waking up at night (like last night, ugh) will be the exception now instead of the rule!

I’m finishing up 2 online courses, and am on schedule to finish the whole certificate by the end of August, which is exciting. I also started running again regularly this month, so that takes up my evenings when I’m not studying. And while I’m able to go to bed a little later than I have been the past year (around 9:30 instead of 8:30 . . .), summer evenings mean apéros along the river, so I seem to have even less time to get everything done in the one or two nights a week I’m not running or studying. Finally, my husband has gotten very involved in his political party and even started a blog of his own, so there is a nightly discussion of who gets to use the computer after dinner.

So we’ll see what happens to the blog over the summer. Looking back, I’m glad I made the effort  to post the monthly letters to bébé (and there’s another one coming for his birthday next week!) because there are so many little things I’ve already forgotten about his first year. But I’m not sure if I’ll do it another year or not. I’m reading a lot of different types of blogs right now, and trying to figure out in which direction I want to take mine. It will be fun to experiment a little this summer, maybe try writing about some new subjects, or writing about old ones in new ways.

But if it’s another few weeks before I post, it’s probably just because everything is fine, the weather is great, and life is too busy being lived to be written about :-)

Eleven months

It’s hard to believe it’s already my 11th monthly letter to our (not so little) baby boy!

Dear bébé,

This month you seem to have crossed some sort of line between babyish and boyish. Your actions, your noises, even your face have changed so much.

For starters, your smile is much toothier! It’s a little crazy that a month ago you had no teeth, and now you have two! Well, one and a half at least. You eat very well with your hands, but still only banana and a little sweet potato. Now with a few teeth to help, mealtime will be a little more interesting. You had quite a growth spurt this month in the weight department, and really packed on the grams. You’re eating beef now, and fish. You seem to prefer vegetables mixed now, rather than individually, with pumpkin being an exception. This is probably the last month you’ll be breastfed, so momma’s trying to enjoy every last minute of it.

Though it didn’t seem like it at the beginning of the month, you love standing up! You pull yourself up so well, on the couch, on chairs, on people’s legs . . . You didn’t gain as much in height as compared to weight, only a centimetre, but you seem so tall when you’re standing up! You’ve managed a few halting seconds with no support, and everyone will be surprised if you’re not walking by your first birthday. You like to climb things, but especially people.

Your favorite thing to climb is momma and daddy when they’re on the phone. You LOVE phones. And the Ipad, and the computer, and the remote control . . . Anything with buttons. But you still love books too, and are particularly interested in the page of “Everywhere babies” with the walking baby. You must be trying to pick up some tips!

You can point with your finger, and can (sort of) do the motions to a few of you favorite songs. You love to play peekaboo with clothes and blankets, and even did it a few times with your hands over your eyes. You also put your hand to your head and said “da” a few times, so the sign language seems to be catching on! You say “dadada” more than “mamma” for the moment, and lots of “yayaya.”  Your inflection is becoming a little more word-like, though it’s still mostly babbling.

You did NOT like getting your shots this month. You huddled in daddy’s arms and cried. You seek out cuddles a little more, but you’re still very independent and curious. You have discovered the cat’s water bowl is lots of fun, and you are very interested in how your stroller works. You can spend ages holding the same object, trying to figure it out. And once you do figure out how to get something to make noise or light up, you do it over and over and over again! But no two days are ever the same; you discover something new every day and it’s amazing to watch.

Nothing else special is planned in the coming weeks, since there’s your big birthday to look forward to at the end of the month! There will be more evening strolls in the park now that the weather is warm. You were so tiny last summer, it will be fun to see you running around and giggling this year!

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma