Time to decide

Nearly 10 months into this self-publishing author thing, and I am loving it so much more than anything else I have ever had as a hobby. It is, however, taking over my life. In that good, fulfilling way, but also in less positive ways like how I am exercising less.

And updating this blog less.

This week I got the invoice to renew this blog and domain name for another 2 years. It’ll be almost $200, which, when this was my only blog/hobby, wasn’t too much. But adding that to what I’ve been spending on my author stuff will just be too much. (If you’re interested in my costs for self-publising an e-book, details here. I am very open about this, since a big frustration this year has been the lack of details from others on how much this “should” be costing.)

So, what are my options? Well, there aren’t 36 solutions, as the French would say. Moving the site to a free one so that it’s still out there somewhere is what will probably happen. I feel like there is some good stuff in here, especially about bilingual babies, getting your spouse a US visa while living abroad, and readapting to life in the US. I also love the letters I wrote to my son his first year, and will probably try to print those out.

I don’t write a lot about the bilingual/repatriation on my author blog, but there is some parenting stuff in there, if you are interested, mainly about juggling it with writing and full-time work. I focus more on that on my podcast, Writer Mom Life, which I am loving even more than the writing. It feels kind of like back in the day when there were the forums and tons of blogs for language assistants in France, and you’re meeting all these great people and connecting and you don’t feel quite so alone in this new adventure.

I’ll do a few more posts here, before this all goes away in about a month. It’s crazy how different my life looked almost 4 years ago when I started this site. I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 4 more, and hope the dozen or so of you still reading this will be following along!