Busy weekend

Sometimes we spend weekends doing nothing. And some weekends it seems like we do everything all at once to make up for the lazy ones. This was definitely a very busy weekend for us. So busy, I am only now getting around to writing about it! Also, last week was crazy at work, so that just added to the sense of packing a lot into a few days.

To start, we bought a new car! A new new car, not just a “new to us” car. It’s a Chevrolet, the same one we rented in the states in October that my husband just fell in love with it. So he went about setting up a test drive a few months ago and getting the information together to order one this summer. But then they called him to say that since Chevrolet is stopping their business in France, they were getting rid of a lot of their display models with big discounts, and if instead he ordered the exact one he wanted it wouldn’t be ready until September. So we decided to get it now, even if it doesn’t have 100% of the fancy features like a touch screen control panel, since it was about 6000€ cheaper.

We went to pick it up Saturday, and it actually took a while for the salesman to explain all the different features. He was kind of the perfect car salesman: loud check jacket, shiny shoes, overpowering cologne. I don’t know if that’s the stereotype here, but I loved that he matched the idea I had in my head when my husband talked about him.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for Sunday, which was our gender reveal party! I’ll try to do a longer recap post about it, since there were a few projects I’m particularly pleased with. The short version is, the French don’t really do baby showers (here’s a hilarious examination of why not) but my hormones I decided, gosh darn it, I wanted to eat cake and drink punch and talk about my baby. So, as I usually try to do when introducing my crazy American traditions to my in-laws, I tried to find a good compromise. I would have felt super awkward about throwing a shower for myself and explaining that people should bring presents, but I never feel awkward about asking people over to eat cake. And once everyone understood what was so special about this cake, they seemed pretty into it.

We decided to find out at the same time as everyone else, so until yesterday, only the midwife who did the sonogram and the cake lady knew what we’re having!

Gender Reveal


And the cake revealed . . . it’s a boy!

(This news will also get it’s own post probably, since I have all sorts of feelings about it!)

The cake was also insanely delicious, minus the sugary fondant, but does anyone actually like that part of the cake? I mean, it was well done, I just don’t like it that much. This is now the third American-style baker we’ve tried, the first for the wedding and the second for my birthday in December, and everyone agreed this is the best so far. Super light cake, creamy  filling, all sorts of yumminess. So if you’re in Northeastern France and need a cake, Les Délices de Lisa is the way to go!

Writing it all out, it actually doesn’t seem like we really did that much this weekend besides buy something and eat cake. But both required a lot of preparation and we took the time to enjoy both as much as we could, so the past two days just flew by! And next weekend is shaping up to be just as busy, but sadly, no cake. Unless I can think of a reason in the next few days for another one . . .

6 thoughts on “Busy weekend”

  1. Congratulations on this momentous moment in your life. Buying a new car always fills me with joy :) Just kidding. My weekend was also busy if not so important. Though my tv did explode Saturday night so that was kinda cool

  2. A new car and a baby boy!!! Such exciting news! When my French sister-in-law was pregnant, I wanted to throw her a shower but her mother, sisters and our mother-in-law couldn’t grasp the concept.

    1. I have wanted to throw showers for babies and weddings for years, but no one was up for it either, sigh. Now that you’re back in the states, maybe you’ll get to throw one there! :-)

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