Getting motivated to play music again

While I wouldn’t call it a “New Year’s resolution” necessarily, I have made it one of my goals to play more music this year, specifically my flute. Actually, only my flute, since I don’t really play anything else, besides a verrrry basic piano. And I’m the type who likes to do one thing well, rather than try and do eighteen different things at once pretty well. So I’ll see how the flute goes and I’ll look into the piano later in the year.

I’ve been playing since I was eight and played all through high school at a very high level. Since that was ten years ago (omg ten!! Nothing so far in my life has made me feel older than talk of ten-year high school reunions) I am naturally no longer at that high level. I don’t want to start with lessons again, at least not right away. France uses a different solf├Ęge method than I was taught (because switching between fahrenheit/celsius, pounds/kilos, inches/centimeters isn’t complicated enough already), and I want to work back up to a level where I am comfortable with my playing before adding the confusion of a teacher talking about “sol mineur.”

So I was looking around youtube for some ideas of pieces to try on my own, when I came across a video of the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. Um, amazing. (Also, their bedroom decor is super fun and I kind of wish my whole apartment was decorated like that.) And rather than depress me, since I’ve been playing longer than they have been alive and they are incredible, it really motivated me. It reminded me of playing when I was younger and I would rather practice than watch TV or go outside, because playing music was my fun. And they look like they’re having a lot of fun.

And that’s what I want the flute to be for me again, a source of fun. So rather than giving myself the unrealistic (and therefore demotivating) goal of playing everyday, I’m going to try for once a week. I think for any goal, once a week is always a good place to start. (Except flossing. That’s a non-negociable daily task.) Hopefully it’ll be so fun, I’ll be motivated to play more often without even thinking about it.