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The internet is a magical, wonderful thing. It can make you incredibly productive, or suck hours and hours of productivity away. Assuming that if you are catching up with blogs right now, you are probably in the latter situation, so here are a few of my favorite tumblrs to waste time on. Please share your own, because helping others to waste time is also what makes the internet such a wonderful thing.


Men taking up too much space on the train. STORY OF MY LIFE! Not to be read on a Sunday or you will lose all desire to go to work the next day.


Boys Clubs. Speaking of work, this is slightly related to my job in HR, so I can totally justify sending it to colleagues along with instead of tumblrs about cats.


Beyonce Art History. Though sometimes I wish art was still my job.


Mean Girls of Panem. Mean Girls + Hunger Games. You’re welcome.


Notes to my future husband. A few of the more PG-rated excerpts (the rest is mostly R!):

HUNGER GAMES. I would totally kill you last.

AS YOU WISH. Every once in a while, I’m gonna turn to you out of the blue and say “Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.” You’d better know the proper response.


Writers and Kitties.  Favorite writers and cute cats. What’s not to love?


Brides throwing cats. Just in case you need more cats, here are some (I hope!) photoshopped at weddings.


Reasons my son is crying.  Uhhhh, I’m actually taking a break from this one for the next few months, or I’ll just curl up in a ball and hide for the next 18 years.


Suri’s Burn Book. If you don’t know who Suri Cruise is, then you probably won’t know who anyone else is who she talks about, and you probably won’t think it’s funny. My tiny bit of brain space that isn’t already being used to keep track of these (mini)people finds it hilarious.


Kate Middleton For The Win.  My favorite of favorites (or should that be favourites?), though sadly looks like updates have definitely ended. My love for all things royal amuses French people to no end. My argument is always that they cut off the head of their king, but we just moved away. So admiring/mocking from afar is très American, non?
Kate Middleton For The Win

(I may or may not have already bought a few of the same Seraphine maternity dresses she wore. But as I am due in July, studied art history, have a sapphire engagement ring, have a middle name Elizabeth, and am several months older than my husband, we are basically the same person anyway.)


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