Bébé’s first château and citrouille

My return to work last week went well, and since I started on a Wednesday, I barely had time to sort through my emails before the week was over! This was probably the last warm and sunny weekend until Spring, so we took full advantage of it. Saturday I went to a nearby château with bébé while my husband took a nap (he’s starting to understand what the past three months have been like for me! Well, minus recovering from labor and breastfeeding) and Sunday all three of us went to a local farm to get a pumpkin.

The Château de La Grange is actually really close to our end of town, and it only took about 25 minutes on foot to get there. I might have to add it to my list of things I like about Thionville, except it’s technically in Manom . . . I only paid for the gardens, since it was too nice of a day to spend inside. I particularly liked the moat. Bébé seemed unimpressed overall, though he did perk up a bit when looking at the different flowers.



We used to go to the Cueillette de Peltre (pick-your-own farm) almost every weekend when we lived in Metz, but I think this is the first time we’ve been since we moved away. Going out to a farm to get a pumpkin in October is a terribly American thing to do, so of course we had to start the tradition with bébé. There were lots of different types of pumpkins: Jack O’ Lantern (that’s what they called it!), citrouille, potimarron, and a few others I can’t remember. Again, he didn’t seem very into visiting a new place, until I showed him more flowers.

While it’s not always possible to stick to what we planned to do, having something to look forward to all week really helps make the days go by faster. And now I have tons of cute pictures  to look at while at work.

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