First few days in the States

After nervously watching “Snowzilla” dump three feet of snow on exactly the area we were flying to Monday, we debated switching our flight to Tuesday. I knew the flight would probably leave, but I was more worried about my family driving on snow-covered roads to come get us. We even looked at booking a hotel on this end Monday night just in case they couldn’t made it out. In the end however, the roads were (mostly) clear, the flight left and arrived on time, and the three of us, plus the cat, plus 6 big bags, 6 small bags, and a stroller made it safe and sound to my parents’ house.

The flight was fine, bébé only slept 30 minutes, but wasn’t more than his usual cranky, so I’d call that a win. The cat slept the entire time. Customs was easy peasy for my husband, though it took forever because Christine Lagarde cut in front of us with her posse. 8 years in France and the first famous French person I see is on my first day back living in the States! My general travel strategy is to take my time, let the people in a rush go first, and be prepared for a wait. So overall, it went as well as I could have hoped. There was an indoor play area at the airport, which also helped a lot!

Despite not napping on the plane, I knew bébé wouldn’t sleep longer that night, since that’s just not how babies work. As expected, he was up at 2am the first day, then had a nap from 7am-9am, a failed attempt at an afternoon nap, then slept 6pm-4am last night. He napped today from 11am to 1:30pm and went down for the night around 6:30pm, so we’re slowly approaching his usual schedule. I figure a few more days and it’ll be back to normal. Having my parents and sister here to watch bébé while we take our own naps is very helpful. I anticipated a long adjustment period for him, so there was nothing special planned these first few days besides visiting friends.

Though visiting has been a bit hampered by all the snow! Not many people are working or at school, but you can’t go anywhere. Well, in my parents’ town it’s fine, and really all the major areas are clear (Target was open and empty of people so I had lots of fun yesterday stocking up on donuts essentials). But a lot of residential areas don’t have clear roads, which makes people a little hesitant to venture out if not totally necessary. My husband reminded me we live here now so we don’t have to run around seeing everyone in the space of a week like we usually do.

While “here” is currently my parents’ town, that may change very quickly as the job situation evolves. With a few promising first round interviews via internet and phone, I’m being optimistic and don’t want to unpack all the suitcases quite yet!

It’s a little too early to have any real culture shock, but once the snow melts and we get out and about a bit more, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say on our adaptation to life here. For now, we’re just enjoying a nice snowy vacation at my parents’ house.

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