Five months

My fifth monthly letter to my son.

Dear bébé,

It’s incredible to see how things can sometimes change almost overnight. Walking in to see you sleeping soundly on your tummy one night was a big shock! But now that you’ve gotten the hang of rolling from your back to your tummy, you find a comfortable position to sleep in on your own . . . usually! You haven’t quite figured out how to get back from your tummy to your back, so sometimes all your nighttime rolling around wakes you up! But you’re still sleeping 8-9 hour stretches. However, getting back to sleep after you eat is still a little hard. And naps during the day are still a little all over the place.

Even if sleep is still a work in progress, momma and daddy feel pretty lucky that you’ve been easy about a lot of other things. Just the fact you can go 9 hours straight is pretty good for this age. One magical, wonderful night you even did 11! You take a pacifier sometimes, but you don’t really need it to sleep. You took the bottle easily, and didn’t seem to have nipple confusion when switching between the bottle and breastfeeding. You only had to try two different bottles to find one you liked. You usually fall asleep with a rain noise, but you’re fine without it too. You can sleep just as well in your bed, or at the nanny’s, or at mamie’s (even if you don’t sleep very long!). No skin rashes, no reactions to different soaps or lotions or fabrics. You started getting a little bit of formula this month on the days when momma just can’t pump enough to keep up with your appetite, and you like both types you tried. Momma and daddy feel pretty lucky to have such a nice baby who’s happy to try new things and isn’t too difficult when routines change.

Another example of your easygoing attitude was momma’s race, when you slept away from home for two nights. You did great, and charmed the pants off everyone at the hotel. You behaved quite well at the winery too, where daddy bought some “inheritance” bottles (that he hid from momma so she doesn’t accidentally use them to make sauce).

From one day to the next, you just get better and better at grabbing, holding, and interacting with everything around you. Playtime is getting very fun for everyone. You particularly enjoy a few stuffed animals like daddy’s old teddy bear and a rabbit from mamie.  The art cards momma bought for you are easy to hold and must taste delicious, judging by how much you try to put them in your mouth. You explore everything with your mouth, but especially your hands. You like “eating” your hands, but don’t really suck your thumb.

Speaking of eating, you might start getting real food soon! You are just fascinated watching momma and daddy eat, and sometimes reach out to grab what they’re eating. You’ve more than doubled your birth weight, and while you still need help to sit up, you hold your head really well. Most importantly, the doctor said it’s okay to try. A high chair and spoons have been bought, so it’s only a matter of time!

You’ve grown another few centimeters, so you’ve starting wearing 6 month clothes. They’re a little big, but won’t be for long. Your eyes are still blue, and definitely a blue from daddy’s side of the family . . . Your hair is a medium brown, and has stopped falling out in places, so it’s very uneven. It’s like a reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back!

This month has also had lots of laughter! Peek-a-boo is now a fun game for you, and you love all the silly sounds daddy makes for you. Your tummy and feet are a little ticklish (or maybe you just like the “tickle” noises). Your “singing” is starting to sound more like “talking,” especially when you seem to respond to when people speak to you. You also seem to recognize your name, which makes taking pictures a little easier.

And there will be tons of pictures this month! Your first holiday season (momma’s too American to call it just “Christmas” season . . .) will be filled with lots of visits and family time and photo opportunities. Momma has time off at the end of the month, so maybe another little trip somewhere might be possible. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you’re sure to smiling and laughing about it!

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma

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