Four months

My fourth monthly letter to my son . . .

Dear bébé,

This month was a big leap forward. Everything seems to be getting better all at once. Sleep, rolling and scooting, using your hands, laughing and gurgling . . . You don’t get a bottle at night anymore, but you still sleep for 8-9 hour stretches from about 7 until about 4. Sometimes you don’t always go back to sleep after you wake up to eat, so momma’s been a bit tired at work. But since daddy takes care of everything else so well at home like cooking and laundry, it’s not so hard to manage.

What has been hard for momma is to miss so many of your smiles and hearing you “sing”, which you do more and more. Certain songs and sounds make you giggle, and you’re even a little ticklish on your neck. Daddy gets down on the floor to play with you sometimes, and you love grabbing his ears or nose. You can hold onto your toys pretty well, but still aren’t reaching much. Kicking is more your thing right now. When you see momma come in the room, or spot a favorite toy, you kick like crazy.

You’re still getting used to the nanny and though you don’t always sleep a lot with her, most days you’re laughing when daddy picks you up. The days you stay with mamie are filled with visiting cousins and friends. Once you even spent the night with mamie so momma and daddy could go on their first dinner/movie date since you’ve been born. It went okay at first, but you were so excited to be in a new place you “sang” almost all night!

It was the same during a visit to the American consulate in Strasbourg. You were up much later than usual just laughing and gurgling, and didn’t sleep as much as usual. But you behaved very well at the consulate the next day, and now you have both your French and American passports.  You seemed particularly fascinated by the consulate employee who explained everything; maybe his deep voice or different accent caught your attention.

That’s how you seem to react to most new things: fascinated, curious, serious. You don’t have many smiles for new people; you’re too busy trying to figure them out. You like to use your hands to explore your mouth (or are your using your tongue to discover your hands?). You like to grab the pages of your books, and you really like books that make noises.

You didn’t gain much weight this month, and it might be because you’re more interested in looking around than eating. But the doctor isn’t worried and everything else is on track. You’ve grown a few centimeters, hold your head up very well, and move around the way you’re supposed to. You’re still losing your dark newborn hair, and the new hair is a lighter brown. Your eyes are a gorgeous blue and they seem to sparkle when you’re smiling.

Everyone is still getting used to the new work/home rhythm and this next month may be a little challenging. There are lots of things planned (like momma’s 10k race) and you’ve already caught your first cold. But you still managed to smile despite being sick and while you take your time to adjust to and figure out new things, you always do in the end, so everything will probably go pretty well this month.

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma



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