Goals for 2015

I hope everyone had fun last night for New Year’s Eve! Ours was very low-key, since bébé is teething (like sleep wasn’t hard enough before!) and neither of us was up for trying to get him to sleep at a noisy party somewhere. It was just me and my husband and his brother at our apartment, watching funny movies and eating all the things we swore we’s stop eating once we got to 2015.

However, I am one of those people who sets goals for the new year, rather than make resolutions. Instead of saying “I won’t eat sugar/bread/chocolate/etc” it’s more like “I’ll eat veggies twice a day.” Easier to track, and easier to stay motivated.

I wanted to get them all written down today, just to make them feel “official.”

My goals for 2015:

– Monthly dates with my husband.

I read a lot about weekly date nights, but since bébé goes down pretty early, we get a fair amount of time alone in the evenings during the week. This goal is more about getting out of the house together on a regular basis. Hopefully as the year goes on, and bébé gets bigger, we’ll be able to go out more often. But for now, asking his mother or brother to babysit one evening a month seems like a pretty big deal.


– Monthly pampering time.

I got a haircut and my eyebrows waxed in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and it felt great to have someone else take care of me for an hour. Eating well and exercising are also ways to feel good, but those are things I do myself. I think I could do with a little more TLC from talented strangers: a manicure, a massage, a solo trip to the thermal baths . . . I’ll probably try to do it right before our monthly dates, so I feel extra special before going out. For this goal, more often seems a little selfish, not to mention financially difficult.


– A 10k or more in May/June, a 10k max in Autumn

Most companies in Luxembourg sponsor their employees for the marathon in the Spring. If there are enough people interested for me to join a team, then I’ll do that, otherwise, I’ll find another race. I know I’d be able to do another 10k, but if by March I’m feeling okay, maybe I’ll try to train for a half marathon. Training for a shorter race after should keep me motivated by changing my routine, and I’ll make speed my goal rather than simply finishing.


– Finish a Coursera specialization

I have taken MOOCs before, and really enjoyed them, but I wanted something more in-depth. Coursera has specialisations now, and one really caught my eye that I think will help with my future career goals. I started it last month and while I could technically finish it by this summer, I think by the end of 2015 is more realistic. Two online courses a month + running + bébé seems like a recipe for total exhaustion. But I’ll keep summer as a soft deadline, since I am the type of person who hears “by end of the year” and won’t start doing anything until December 15th.


Relationship, me, health, and career. All of them changed a lot in 2014 with the arrival of bébé, and it was too big of a change to really call it “good” or “bad,” if that makes sense. Is my health “worse” now than before I was pregnant? Was my career or mariage “better”? How can you even compare them before and after? It’s a totally new life situation, like starting from zero. So hopefully with these goals, by the end of 2015, these four areas in my life will be in great shape, and I can start to think about more long-term goals.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2015”

  1. I’m going to try to finish more MOOCs and take better care of myself (I really need to see a physiotherapist for my back/shoulder), especially since I will have more time soon once the pesky PhD is finally done! I probably should have been doing these things (among others) while working on my thesis to keep me sane, but I always felt like they would just be more excuses to procrastinate on writing.

    1. Sometimes taking the time will make it easier to work, since you’re not distracted by thinking about how you wish you could do xyz if only you had time! Like how working out is especially important if you’re lacking energy, or taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to write your to-do list for the next day.

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