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Working in Luxembourg means for most of the day my time online with my phone is limited, so I’ve never really gotten into Twitter or Snapchat or the other various ways to communicate/waste time online. However, I do like using Instagram, especially since most of the people I follow are in the states, so it’s a way for me to picture (ha) what my life would be like if we lived there. Obviously, life as seen through Instagram isn’t the reality, but a little daydreaming on the morning train is always fun.

I like that different people I follow have different “roles.” There’s definitely a foddie or two, travellers, moms, and my celebrities girl crushes (your guess as to who they are . . .) I decided to look at what I tend to post to see if I fall into any of those categories.

Breakdown of what’s on my Instagram (I share about 80% on Facebook as well):

– 15 % our cat (based on the content of my phone pre-bébé, I thought it would be more!)

– 15% selfies, including those with my husband, but not things like just my shoes or nails

– 20% food and drink

– 50% “life”: around town, funny ads, new purchases, recent creations, exciting packages, parties, vacations . . . It’s not particularly fascinating, but I feel like it’s as varied as any other normal life. When I’m on vacation it’s obviously a little more interesting than the fifth picture of the month of the rainy weather taken during my commute.


We don’t share pictures of bébé publicly online, but if we did, I’m pretty sure he’d take up most of the “life” category, replace the 15% of the cat (poor kitty), and most of my selfies would include his cute little face. We use 23snaps to share his photos privately with close friends and family, which satisfies my new parent snap happy tendencies while allowing me to maintain a more “balanced” public online presence.

So, do you follow a few of the typical Instagram types? What kind of Instagrammer are you?

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