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I have to start this by saying I am insanely picky about cell phones. With the plan I have, I can buy a new phone relatively cheaply every two years, which is not really a problem for me, since it takes me approximately two years to choose one. I read all the reviews, look at videos, compare things like battery life and camera quality. I go to the store a few times, hold the phones, see what feels best. It’s quite a long process.

My husband gets a bit impatient with me, since he usually just pays full price for the newest cool phone he takes a fancy to every year or so. But it’s an important decision I think, given how central cell phones have become in daily life. If I’m going to be using something on a regular basis, I want to be sure it fits my needs as best as possible. I’m pretty sure we picked an apartment quicker than I picked my new phone, but there was a time crunch involved. When I have time to choose, I take all the time I possibly can.

Last week was the big day and going against all my original feelings on the subject, I got a new, gigantic, fully tactile HTC smarty smart phone. I don’t like tactile keyboards, and I wanted something small. Blackberry was the only one available right now that had real buttons to push and wasn’t too big, but I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to use it the way I want to, since there don’t seem to be all the applications I’m used to.

I took a quick photo to compare this new monstrosity with my perfect little old Sony Ericsson with sliding keyboard (the pen is to show the size).

New phone


I definitely miss the keyboard, since despite predictive text in both French and English on my new phone, I still manage to send texts like “I’m running a big late” which makes me crazy, even if I know that people know what I mean. And I’m not used to the size, nor are my purses, which all have tiny little side pockets for tiny little phones.

However, the bigger screen is definitely all sorts of awesome, for videos and photos, which is a big reason I chose it. I’m sure I’ll be taking plenty of both come summer, so I wanted something that would make it as easy as possible to share all things bébé with loved ones near and far. (For now, I mostly have pictures of our cat, roughly a 50:1 cat to husband ratio, which was the case with my old phone too.)

One cool thing I am definitely using a lot is the remote control function. I didn’t know about it when I bought it, but you can program the phone to act as a remote for TV and cable. This only makes me lazier really, since it means I can just pick up my phone, which is usually within arm’s reach, rather than hunt around for the remotes. People who have been controlling stuff with their ipads or phones for years are probably rolling their eyes at me (actually, most of you probably are at this point anyway, since I have dedicated an entire blog post to my ambiguous feelings for my new phone, for heaven’s sake). But this is about as interconnected as I have ever been and I am just fascinated and love it. If I ever get a car that has one of those unlock/lock apps, I can tell I will be totally into it.

I originally wanted something to help optimize my commute time by answering emails and things like that. I have ended up with a very small camera that can also turn on my TV.

Does anyone else spend this much time/effort when buying a new phone? Or is it just me?

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  1. A friend of mine recently got that same HTC phone and loves it.

    As a techy/geek person I spend a good amount of time every two years when I get a new phone. I’ve been using a smart phone since before the iphone. I read reviews check out specs etc.. but in the end I usually just end up getting whatever is the most current top of the line model. Every once in a while I get this crazy idea in my head to save money by ditching the smart phone and just going with a really cheap simple call/text phone. But then how would I tweet and instagram and pinterest and .. and… :)

  2. My boyfriend and I spent a lot of time reading reviews on the phones we were thinking of buying. Price was a huge factor for us as we are on the cheap plans that don’t allow for phones at subsidized prices. We took forever to decide. How did we finally make the decision? Google dropped the prices of their Nexus 4 by 100 euros. That sealed the deal.

    1. I was tempted to wait too, to see if prices would get a little better, but in the end I got a slightly higher plan to make the phone cheaper. And now I can call the states unlimited from my cell! Exciting stuff, haha.

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