New year, new blog, new goals

Welcome to my new blog!

If you got here through a link I emailed you, then welcome back to my ramblings. I hope you like the new design; it’s a big change from the old blogspot format, with more changes to come as I learn more about WordPress and all the ways I can customize things. I spent about four hours picking out and installing fonts one afternoon, it was all sorts of fun.

If you stumbled upon the site thanks to the magic of the internet, then be sure to check out the About page for a bit of background (old friends are of course more than welcome to peruse it at well, learn a few new things about me).

A BIG goal for me this year is to post (and comment!) more regularly. Whether that means three times a week or three times a month has yet to be determined . . .

While there’s no overall theme for this new blog other than “things I feel like writing about,” I certainly want to keep it interesting for readers, so my topics and style will certainly evolve as time goes by and comments are taken into consideration. In a few months I’ll hopefully have found three or four main subjects to keep writing about, so please be patient if things seem a little scatterbrained at first while I figure things out!

4 thoughts on “New year, new blog, new goals”

    1. Thank you! The name took some serious thinking, though considering it took us three months to name our cat, I was pretty quick about it, haha.

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