Nine months

Ninth monthly letter to bébé.

Dear bébé,

The (almost) nine months it took you to get ready to meet the world went by much slower than the past nine months since you were born! You’ve started to interact a lot more with things, people, and food.

You’ve started eating little bits of banana and cooked sweet potato, though getting it into your mouth yourself is still a challenge. You’ve managed a few times, but mostly you seem happy to smash it in your hands while someone else feeds you. You’ll sometimes hold the bottle too, but not always. You seem to like holding the regular bottles more than the “trainer” bottle with handles. You switch between sucking your thumb and using a pacifier, though you seem to prefer the pacifier, since then you can use your hands for all sorts of things.

Things like “reading” your books. You’ve been turning pages for awhile now, but you’ll pick out your favorite between two, and even lift one off the bookshelf. When you open and close the book repeatedly, it seems like you’re trying to find the cover image inside the book. You also like to grab at things on the pages, picking out different colours and favorite faces. So maybe “Where’s Waldo?” would be a good present! “Goodnight gorilla” and “Where’s my hat?” are two of your favorites right now, and you giggle at your favorite parts. Reading is still a big part of your bedtime routine. Your skin is much better this month, but you still only get a bath every other day. Momma’s trying to switch it up and feed your first, then read, to see if that helps with night waking.

You still eat once at night usually, and have been falling back asleep easily most nights to get around 10.5 to 11 hours total. But you’ve gone twice now 9.5 hours straight, which was great. Starting the day at 4:30 wasn’t so fun, but things seem to be heading towards that magical and elusive “sleeping through the night” thing.

However, sleep might be changing soon, since your mattress is in the lower setting now. You sat up and looked over the edge once, so it seemed safer to lower it sooner rather than later. The next step will probably be pulling yourself up to standing in your new, lower crib. You can stand with (lots of) help, and kick your legs like you want to run. You’re starting to use your knees a little bit when crawling, but mostly you like to push up into that downward dog position, or into a sitting position.

You love taking off momma’s glasses, whether to see her better, or just chew on them. You also love anything that crinkles: your toys, paper, bags, clothes . . . Momma and daddy want you to explore, but you’re starting to hear “no” a lot more, and cry a bit when you’re not allowed to put pieces of paper or plastic bags in your mouth. Wires and cords are another high fascination area that unfortunately involves a lot of “no” and crying.

Except for rare occasions (like when you’re crying because you bumped your head while exploring), you’re not much of a cuddler. You need to be facing the world, no matter who’s holding you. So far there’s not a lot of separation anxiety, other than a tiny bit of crying when momma leaves for work in the morning. You don’t really have a “lovey” since anything that’s soft makes you happy. This all seems to be changing slowly, but so far, no dramatic meltdowns at the nanny’s or in new situations.

Speaking of new situations, you did great in Paris, and will hopefully be just as good in Bordeaux later this month. Other plans for this month include another nighttime party for momma and daddy while mamie babysits, and you definitely need a haircut. It’s long enough to get in your eyes, and even covers your ears a little. It’s still a medium brown, but sometimes there are reddish highlights in the sun. Your big blue eyes just make everyone fall in love. You have more and more “chatty” days, still lots of “singing” and a few syllables like “ma” “ba” and “da,” though without attaching them to any objects with consistency yet.

You are tons of fun, and a happy, sociable baby. While your exploration is starting to get safety limits as you get more mobile, it’s still amazing seeing how much you can already do and understand. Full speed crawling and walking is right around the corner, just in time to start exploring outside in the nice weather. This will be a fun month!

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma

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