Phase two of the move

I am writing this post from my mother-in-laws’s kitchen. Phase two of the move was moving out of our apartment and into her house. In theory, this was to save money, but considering how much we spent on gas going back and forth almost every day for two weeks, I’m not sure it’s really that beneficial . . . However, seeing how much work it was, I’m glad we did it now and not during the holidays, because it would have been zero fun to have used our days off to move, rather than spend as much time as possible with family for our last Christmas/New Year’s in France.

The biggest practical challenge has been going from 100 square meters to the 19 of my husband’s boyhood bedroom (which, thankfully, has its own bathroom). We sold/gave/threw away a lot already, but there’s still a ton of stuff sitting in the basement that we need to go through. Today, after spending all weekend loading up the car and cleaning, we gave back the keys to our finally empty and clean apartment, and our address is officially “chez” the MIL.

We’ve actually been here a little over a week, but since we moved bit by bit, it hasn’t really been a normal week. So I can’t really say how things are going yet (though I’ll obviously try). MIL has watched bébé a lot more than during a normal week, so that we could make over a dozen trips back and forth to finish things up. Bébé has been insanely clingy, whether due to the move or just because he’s a 17-month-old and at the peak age for separation anxiety, I can’t tell. Probably both.

We’re here for another 6 weeks, and with the holidays and final preparations for the move, it’s sure to be a pretty crazy month and a half. I’m just hoping we all manage to settle into a rhythm soon, because honestly I’m pretty stressed right now. Think about how you’re on your best behavior when staying with the in-laws. Being extra neat and extra polite and extra helpful. Now picture doing that every day for over a month! Less than two weeks and I’m already exhausted. For my husband, it’s not really that different from a normal visit to see his mom, other than having to deal with his wife ranting about stupid stuff like shampoo and eggs.

Overall though, I’m feeling fairly positive about the situation (probably because there’s no other alternative at this point!) and pretty confident this was a good idea. Seeing family as much as possible will outweigh all the little gripes we all have about our in-laws. And since we’ll be living with my parents at first in the States, I’ll try to hold my tongue as much as possible in exchange for my husband doing the same once we’re over there!

2 thoughts on “Phase two of the move”

  1. Wow 17 months old already. It seems like you just announced the pregnancy like yesterday. I am sure the time has gone slower for you with having to actually take care of him and all :)

    I can’t imagine how hard to downsize that much, but I guess you were getting rid of most stuff before the move anyway.

    btw I so want to hear this egg and shampoo rant :)

    1. The move was really the best excuse to downsize; I don’t think we’d have had the motivation to do it otherwise!

      Expiration dates on eggs mean nothing, there are many ways to test to be sure they’re okay. Throwing away 12 perfectly good eggs because they’re one day past the date marked on the carton is a ridiculous waste. I feel like this is just good sense.

      Also good sense: all shampoo is not created equal.

      I could go on, but will contain myself for now :-p

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