Positive outlook

A few weeks ago, I read one of those “A few simple things to increase your happiness” type articles. Since it was almost the beginning of the month, and they really were pretty simple, I decided to try them to see what would happen.

The two things that seem to be making the biggest difference are 5 minutes of meditation per day, and writing down 5 things I’m grateful for/happy about. I do both of these before I go to bed, and it really helps to reflect on the positive things that happened during the day, rather than grumble about the negative. The meditation is good practice for calming my mind, since it’s usually all over the place at a hundred miles an hour. I try to picture myself on a beach, and the sound of my breathing as the waves. Definitely a peaceful way to end the day.

I didn’t think these things were really changing anything until yesterday, which should have been a bad day. My new shampoo is awful and my hair looked even dirtier than before my shower. The trains were all sorts of messed up, we had to get off and change to a different one, so I was later than usual to work. I spilled tea on my pants I’ve only worn once or twice. Lots of higher-ups were stressed and needed my help, which should have stressed me too.

However, the entire day I was in a good mood. Nothing really bothered me.

Once I realized this, I consciously focused on the positive throughout the day. Sushi at lunch was delicious. The sun was shining. It was the last day of work before a week of vacation. And I feel like this positive outlook was showing through and my interactions with people (even the super stressed higher-ups) were all very pleasant.

I’ll admit towards the end of the day, things were a little more frantic as I prepared to leave for a week. But overall, it was a really good day.

Having a little more time to exercise the past few weeks, as well as suddenly sunny and warm weather may be helping too. Whatever the reason, I’m hoping this positive outlook sticks around. If all it takes is 10 minutes before bed to reflect and meditate, it’s definitely time well spent.


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