Six months

My sixth monthly letter to my son.

Dear bébé,

Already 6 months! You’re now closer to a year than to birth, and it shows. You giggle when we tickle your tummy and when you “fly”. You can roll from your back to your tummy, and last week started trying to go tummy to back. You manage to move around a little, turning from one side to the other. You kick your legs a lot, but it looks more like you’re trying to swim than crawl. You can sit with our support, or against pillows. You are grabbing everything in sight, and putting most of it in your mouth (you can’t quite get your feet to your mouth yet). So changing your diaper has become quite a workout for momma and daddy!

One of your favorite things to do is to grab noses and pull on them. Glasses are not as interesting for some reason. Maybe you like the challenge of trying to remove something that won’t move. You really like your soft toys, or anything that’s velvety or plush like some blankets and sweaters. You absolutely love looking at the cat. You like petting him too (the ultimate plush toy!), but he doesn’t always let you. He runs away when you make too much noise.

Which is understandable, since you make such crazy noises! Your new favorite is a screeching dinosaur sound, approximately 200 decibels. You’ve also started saying syllables. You said dada the other day, but it probably doesn’t mean anything yet, since it was part of a rambling “oooaaadadadaguhguh” stream. You can also say “buh” and “guh” (but no “muh” yet).

You’ve started eating solids, though it’s not your favorite time of day. You’ve tried carrots, pears and sweet potatoes, but none of them have gotten a big reaction. You’ve started to grab the spoon a bit, so maybe you’ll like it more when you can feed yourself. You eat a little every morning, and maybe next week you’ll start in the afternoon too.

Soon you might have a tooth to help you eat. Momma’s time off for the holidays wasn’t so relaxing because you were teething and woke up much more often at night. Momma and daddy tried to make you more comfortable, but you’ve got a lot of teeth to make, and we all just have to accept that it won’t be easy for any of us.

However, one thing has gotten easier. Whether because of the food or the lack of night sleep, you’re napping MUCH better. Twice a day for at least an hour, usually closer to two. Your schedule has shifted a little so you’re going to bed a little later, around 7:30, so you wake up closer to 7am. There are still some “bad” days, but you seem to have found a daily rhythm that works pretty well.

This new napping schedule started at Christmas, which was a nice gift for momma, who napped a lot too. You had so much fun Christmas eve, hanging out with the whole family until way past your bedtime. You were very spoiled and got all sorts of new toys.

You didn’t get many clothes, but you should be fine for awhile. Your 6-month stuff still fits really well, and probably will for another month or so. You’ll be measured later this week at your doctor’s appointment, but you definitely grew a few centimeters and gained a few hundred grams. Your cheeks and neck are getting chubbier, though you’re still overall pretty slender.

There was some sadness this month since we lost your great-grandmother early in the new year. It was obvious she was one of your favorite people, and she just lit up when she held you. It’s a real gift you got to spend so much time together in your first months of life, and momma and daddy will be sure to tell you all about her when you’re older.

But you bring so much joy to the family during a time of sadness. Everyone says how happy and smiley you are, and you are turning into a real little star who loves the spotlight. You’re not afraid of new people, and will let everyone hold you as long as they want. You smile at everyone, and they just fall all over your gummy grin, big blue eyes, and long dark lashes. Your hair is still brown, but a little lighter, and seriously out of control in terms of length. Momma is trying to convince daddy that headbands are okay for boys since soccer and rugby players wear them . . .

This winter is turning into a very cold one, but with your giggles and smiles to warm up our days, the next six months are sure to fly by even faster than the first.

Bisous & kisses,

Your momma

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