Green cleaning

Recently I’ve been trying to stick to green cleaning methods around the apartment. In part due to my pregnant sensitivity to strong chemical smells, but also because all of a sudden I realized that baby hands touch everything then go straight into their mouths. And while of course I and everyone else I know grew up just fine crawling around on Mr. Clean floors, there’s also the lower cost and a healthier planet to consider. (Notice the selfish reasons came first! Ah well, as long as the end result is the same, who cares why I’m doing it?)

And honestly, vinegar and baking soda clean just as well as the stuff you can buy, even better sometimes, like for the hard water problems we have. Whenever the faucet starts to get a bit blocked, a vinegar soak is just the trick to clear it up! I do admit that the smell can get a little strong, since I don’t use essential oils because of our cat, but it’s already replaced the smell of chemicals in my mind as representing “clean.”

My husband is the big cleaner in the couple and he needs that chemical smell to feel like he’s done cleaning a room. Since I knew I’d have a bit more time on maternity leave, I told him I’d take over the cleaning, so I get to choose the products. And over the past few weeks, he seems to have opened up to my green cleaning ways. (The baby hands touching everything argument has also been quite effective . . .) While he still needs to wipe down the toilet with antibacterial wipes every other day, he doesn’t use them to dust anymore; he can see that a microfiber cloth works perfectly well.

Pinterest is of course great for things like this, and I wanted to share here a few sites I’ve pinned and go back to a lot. I haven’t quite gotten to the stage of creating my own mixes of green cleaners, but I have a feeling I will as time goes on. Getting a hold of castile soap, borax, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide in large quantities in my area of France is a bit difficult, so I’ve been sticking to recipes without all that for now and have been just fine. (Though if anyone knows a good source for those things, please let me know!)

25 DIY green cleaning recipes for the whole house (number 5 totally saved us from throwing out a perfectly good pot that had gotten burnt!)

27 non-toxic recipes for DIY cleaning (this reminded me I should probably be cleaning the fridge and microwave more often . . .)

Homemade hardwoord floor cleaner recipes (ah the joys of 100+ year old buildings)

Clean Mama (so many printables! I need a printable on how to organize my printables . . .)


There aren’t eight million ways to clean a house, but I always love new ideas and links, so feel free to share if you have them!