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While I have all sorts of amour for my cher husband, sometimes I don’t really mind when he works late. It depends on his schedule for the week, but usually he has two days when he can go in later (and sleep later!), then he stays until everything is finished. As silly as it may sound, I look forward to these evenings because it means I can watch whatever I want on TV.

We pay 5€ extra per month to get a few English language channels like E!, Style, and the Travel Channel. There used to be ESPN (my husband is really into American football) but not anymore, so these channels are all “mine” now. But I feel bad watching my celebrity news and trashy reality shows when he’s home and we could be watching something we both enjoy or doing any number of productive things like play with our cat.

He does have a surprising fondness for “How do I look?” on Style, which I take full advantage of whenever it’s on. The wedding shows however, he’s not so into. He likes to ask me why I need to watch them, since we’re already married. But it doesn’t stop being fun and pretty and fascinating just because you’re not planning your own! A football game only has one possible outcome: one team wins, the other loses. With wedding shows, who knows how it could end! The matron-of-honor could give birth at the ceremony! The dress could get lost or ripped or stained! The flowers could show up dead! The anticipation! The stress! The emotions! Way better than professional sports, right?

The Travel Channel shows “House Hunters International” which I consider research for our future, because who knows where we could end up living one day. 10 years ago I never thought I’d be living in France, and his job could, in theory, send us somewhere else. Also, it’s kind of hilarious that every single American on the show will say, at least five times, “this is much smaller than I’m used to” and “oh, that’s kind of strange.” So while part of my love for my TV nights is to feel a connection to American culture, I do like to be reminded that I have all these life experiences that make tiny bathrooms and rentals that come without stoves not seem so weird.

I have no such “logic” for my love of Tia and Tamara. Well, I have a sister who is close so people used to think we were twins. But mostly, I just kind of wish I could hang out with them and live in LA/Napa Valley.

Of course, all the American TV in the world can’t replace my cher husband. Once or twice a week is fine, but more than that, like when the rest of the week is unplanned lateness, I get grumpy and sad. We usually make up for it with a super introverted weekend where we just hang out in the apartment and read and watch movies and don’t see anyone else for two days straight.

And watch as much “How do I look?” and he can stand.

6 thoughts on “Weekly American TV nights”

  1. Have you ever watched “Recherche appartement ou maison”? It’s the French version of House Hunters, and it’s become my recent crack. I can’t get enough. Though sadly, there seems to be very few episodes, and they end up reshowing the same ones over and over again.

    1. I love that show! They seem to do like, two new ones every few months, it probably take awhile to put together and they only have a few realtors. Plus there’s “Maison à vendre” which takes up his time too.

  2. I love House Hunters International though I don’t watch it as much as I used to. I agree that it is quite entertaining to see the reactions to some of the housing differences. At this point my husband knows not to bother me when I’m watching my American TV shows, though I usually watch them on the internet. I’ve slowly stopped watching a lot of the American TV shows I used to follow, but I’m still addicted to Top Chef (I HATE the French version), Grey’s Anatomy and Glee and I enjoy an episode of Hoarders from time to time.

    1. Ohhh I used to watch soooo much more, and had an IP blocker to watch everything on Hulu. New Girl and Glee were the big ones. Having the English channels now though, it’s way easier to just turn on the TV and if there’s nothing I like, I go do something else. Somehow having the extra channels means I watch even less TV than before!

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